A dimly lit club, smoke in the air and in the corner on the small stage are a grand piano, a double bass and a drum kit.
This cliché of a jazz evening is as old as it is wonderful. The musicians of the NUBERG TRIO have experienced all this  and now take the listener on a journey into the world of improvised music.

This „classical” piano trio is the heart of the project NUBERG,

where soloist individuality meets compact ensemble sound.

The double bass joins as a second melody instrument equaling the grand piano. At the same time it provides the „muddy“ bass foundation.
The band is completed by the drums in a traditional way. On one hand, its punchy and uncompromising grooves fuel the trio with power and energy. On the other hand, the airy and filigree play of the cymbals contributes significantly to the sound of the band and allows the trio to open dynamic spaces, especially in lower volumes. Particularly when playing these soft tones the sound spectrum and sound depth of both the grand piano, as well as the double bass can be explored.

Occasionally, the Trio from the „Bergisch Land“ is extended to a larger ensemble by other soloists.