A grand piano, a vibraphone, a percussion set and a strange huge wind instrument…
The unusual instrumentation of the NUBERG ENSEMBLE promises an extraordinary sound experience.
Together with the jazz pianist and composer Hanno Beckers, vibraphone player Matthias Goebel, percussionist Thomas Lensing and saxophonist Andre Enthöfer form this special Modern Jazz quartet from the „Bergisch Land“.

This ENSEMBLE is regarded as the instrumental treasure of the NUBERG project.

In addition to soloist individuality and compact ensemble sound, surprisingly mixed colors meet through changing instrument combinations.

Hanno Beckers’ piano is joined by Matthias Goebel’s vibraphone. With its wonderful bell sound and spherical vibrations it forms the melodic and tonal counterpart to the piano.
From the beginning it was Hanno Beckers’ explicit goal to assemble a “solo quartet” that produces a well-balanced ensemble sound without amplification. Therefore, instead of the traditional drums, a smorgasbord of various percussion instruments is used in this multi-faceted constellation. This allows the ensemble to open dynamic intervals, especially in lower volumes, just to be able to explore the depth of sound of all soloists, especially when playing soft tones. Of course, percussionist Thomas Lensing on the Cajon as a central instrument can very well offer traditional rhythm patterns. However, with his infamous „green box” full of extravagant drum curiosities, he also provides a multitude of unexpected and unheard timbres that can surprise and delight. The ensemble sound spectrum has thus expanded immensely.
The most obvious difference to traditional jazz instrumentation is the absence of a supposedly obligatory double bass. This part is taken over by saxophonist Andre Enthöfer with his imposing double bass clarinet. As a groove specialist, who can always provide the necessary portion of hissing breath, he delivers an impressive bass foundation. At the same time, this strange huge wind instrument also appears alongside the grand piano and vibraphone as the third soloist, adding a kind of “chamber music element” to the ensemble.