Hanno Beckers

is a trained classical pianist with many years of experience in the management of various ensembles of his own.
As a teenager, he played keyboards in numerous funk and soul formations. While his pianistic focus shifted more and more to the direction of jazz, at the same time his great interest in songwriting and arrangement grew. Consequently, Hanno Beckers combined the two passions and studied at the College of Music in Cologne with Professor Joachim Ullrich and Bill Dobbins the main subjects jazz composition / arrangement and jazz piano.
Following regular participation in the Europe-wide masterclass courses of the Canadian pianist Prof. Alan Fraser, Hanno Becker received the “Craft of Piano Certification” from the Alan Fraser Piano Institute in 2018.

Hanno Beckers has been working as a full-time composer and arranger since 1997. Two compositions and several adaptions for musicals come from his pen.
He wrote numerous scores for big band and compositions for orchestras. He also wrote various scores for brass sections and string arrangements for studio productions. Numerous orchestrations and film music testify to his stylistic range.
The library of the Cologne Opera, for which he worked as a freelancer from 1998 to 2010, also profited from this diversity of his work.
In addition, he still works as a studio conductor and keyboardist.

Above all, Hanno Beckers is looking for musical teamwork and creative communication between interacting protagonists on stage or in the studio. In addition to regular blues and gospel projects, he performs primarily as a jazz pianist.
Hanno Beckers heads of his own Wuppertal piano studio KIZ klavierunterricht-im-zooviertel.de and has been teaching for over 25 years, focusing on classical piano and jazz piano.
He also works as a freelance lecturer and offers workshops on composition, arrangement and music theory.